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LPI etching and plating ink

LPI etching and plating ink
Product Detailed

It's photoimageable etching and plating ink, excellent coating ability can be totally shown via various coating methods.


Photo-imageable Etching and Plating Resist Ink


It is a new kind of photoimageable etching and plating resist ink. Its excellent coating


ability can be totally shown via various coating methods. Sharp definition, high accuracy and very minor under cut make it extremely suitable for producing one side, double-sided , high precision multi-layer and flexible PCB boards. Its acid-resistant ink which also good for the boards such as stainless steel , iron and aluminous material. The special characteristic is can be for Sn plating without post-cure.


Example of operation process:


1. Ink mixing

    Mixing(Shaking) well for 5-10 min.


2. Pretreatment

    Mechanical brushing or acid treatment.


3. Screen printing

    a.  Use nylon, polyester or stainless steel screen for printing

    b.  100-250 mesh/inch.

    c.  Rubber/Polyurethane (PU) Squeege with the hardness of -65-75 .

    d.  Printing Angle 70-80

    e.  Film thickness: 8-16 um


4.  Precure

     First side 75±5 x 10 min

     Second side 75±5 x 15 min

     Both side cure at the same time 75±5 x 15 min


5.  Exposure

     Energy required from UV rays:100-200mj/cm2

     Photographic sensitivity :300-500nm

     (Photosensitivity: 6-9 step)


6.  Developing

      By 1-1.2% sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) solution

     Spraying pressure:2-3 kg/cm2

      Temperature: 30-32

      Time: 45-60 sec.


7.   Stripping

      The coating could be stripped completely with 3-5% NaOH solution at 45-50;

      Spraying pressure 2-3kg, 1-2 min

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